Testimonials 2012

What they are saying…

“Yesterday, I had the golden opportunity (okay, now that think about it, it was probably platinum) to participate in a TEDx in Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was a part of an international TED talk celebrating the ideas of women. Read More on her Blog”

-Dr. Bertice Berrry


“Can’t wait for the next one!”

-Sandy Hofmann


“This event was informative, inspirational and amazing. Many thanks to Henna Inam and her wonderful team for an understanding day!”

-Tayyibah Taylor


“I’m in the space between wow and amazed! And I am going to take a belly dancing lesson. Thanks to all the participants, speakers, team and volunteers.” 

-Mary Solomon Barton


“You did a beautiful job!!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for next year!! “

-Kristen Shaw

“Great job. Nice mix of speakers and entertainment.  I especially loved Bertice Berry. What a fun and motivating speaker.”

-Jane Goldner


“Thanks for inviting me to the TED event.  It was absolutely fantastic experience!!  I will be certain to create a “ripple” with what I learned.”

-Paulette Lewis


“It was a beautiful event. Dr Bertrice Berry started the ball rolling by opening our hearts and it kept going. Thanks to everyone for making this day happen. “

– Judi Knight


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