What is TEDx Centennial Park Women?

An independently organized conference operating under license from TED. The group was organized in 2012 and held the first conference on December 1, 2012

2. Who is behind TEDx Centennial Park Women?

TEDx Centennial Park Women is a Georgia non-profit and is run by an all-volunteer team led by Henna Inam.  Check out our amazing group of volunteers here.

3. How are speakers selected for the conference?

Interested parties may self-nominate or nominate another individual by filling out a form online. Here’s the link to more information about speakers.

4. How do I attend the conference?

Tickets for TEDx Centennial Park Women 2013 are by invitation only. You can apply to receive an invitation.

5. How much are tickets?


6. What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes entry into the conference. You can check out the conference program here when it is a bit closer to the event.

7. What can I expect at the conference?

TEDx Centennial Park Women is one of more than 800 TEDx groups across the globe. This conference in going to be held in conjunction with TEDxWomen to be held in San Francisco.  We will also have our own roster of live speakers. It is an immersive one-day experience comprised of the official spoken program and extended networking breaks in between speaker sessions. Attendees are encouraged to converse with conference speakers during breaks, get to know new people and explore new ideas and perspectives throughout the day.

Finally, in the spirit of TED, talks are non-commercial and non-partisan in nature.

Attendees are expected to stay the entire duration of the conference.

8. What is the dress code?

Business casual. Attendees of the creative persuasion are encouraged to dress to express.

9. Where did you come up with TEDx Centennial Park Women? It’s awfully long to type into a url!

Good question. Here is an equally long answer.

Atlanta’s Centennial Park is part of the rich history of Atlanta. It first came into being during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and was a great gathering spot for visitors and residents of Atlanta. It’s a great legacy of the Olympic games in Atlanta. We chose this name not just because it represents a great gathering spot for the Atlanta community, but also because Olympic athletes represent a drive to excel, to change the game, and a belief in themselves.  TEDx Centennial Park Women likewise represents the gathering of the Atlanta ripple-makers to help us excel and change the game for the advancement of women in our city, country and the world at large.

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