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Hammad Aslam – The Fortune in Failure (Video)

“Failure and crisis does not have to stop the momentum of our lives.” In 2008, Dr. Hammad Aslam‘s life was going completely as he had planned.  He had successfully completed undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia,  was living the very active life of an able-bodied 20-something and preparing for medical school, when life threw him a curveball. The kind of curveball that halts plans and completely changes one’s mindset. While travelling with family from Augusta, their vehicle hydroplanes, hitting a tree, leaving Hammad with traumatic brain…

Susan V. Booth Failing Your Way to Mastery #TEDxCPW

Susan Booth – Failing Your Way to Mastery (Video)

The creative person lives with the unknown, the unmapped. Susan  V. Booth wants everyone to grasp creativity and arts engagement as a series of iterative, collaborative and unmapped processes that serve as the motivational failures that will change the world. The Director of the Alliance Theatre believes that failure is the definitive map to mastery as illustrated in the Japanese proverb, “fall down seven times, get up eight”. “Arts engagement is a means to the end.”  Susan explains that ‘arts engagement’ is the quintessential teacher…

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Crystal Kadakia: Crossing Over Generations (Video)

“We define success through YOLO experiences.” You Only Live Once. As a Millennial (Member of the workforce ages 20-35), Crystal Kadakia understands the motivations of success for the generations behind her-Generation Z and those ahead of her-Baby Boomers. A few years into her career as an engineer, Crystal  saw a disconnect in the workplace.  Older generations in the workplace perceived that millennials were a naive generation of young people driven by entrepreneurial visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg. Millennials found leadership in their more experienced counterparts to be…

Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl A. Bachelder: Dare to Serve (Video)

There are no great leaders without great results. When Cheryl A.Bachelder first joined Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. in November 2007, it was a company sputtering to stay relevant. With flagging sales and a stale brand, the chain struggling to retain old consumers and attract new customers. Bachelder’s set of business strategies, called the Roadmap for Results, helped engineered a staggering turnaround that helped Popeyes® grow its market cap over the last six years – from $300 million to over a billion dollars. In her May 2015 TEDxCentennialParkWomen talk,…

Jeff Halter

Jeffery Halter: Wanted – Male Engagement (Video)

“A woman is expected to do everything a man does, flawlessly, but dancing backwards and wearing high heels” – Ginger Rogers 

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